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How are the Flowerstones Created with such Beautiful Patterns?

Concentric Circles Pattern
When minerals are formed in magma, the elements of these minerals diffuse which create concentric circles like tree rings. During this process, the minerals are made in some parts that have enough specific elements, if not they don’t form. So, concentric circle pattern is formed when the two parts are alternately repeated.
When several rings of a concentric circle pattern are formed by minerals it is calld a ‘Lisegang ring’.

Radial pattern
If magma cools down slowly, there is enough time to grow minerals so they can have a normal shape. However, if it cools down very quickly, the time to grow is lacking, so the magma becomes overcooled, preventing minerals form growing. As a result, the radially stretched lines are formed around one point.

How was the Flowerstone in Cheongsong Created?
The flowerstone in Cheongsong created when magma cooled down very rapidly. Rapid cooling caused the minerals to also grow quickly and in that process concentric cicles and radial patterns were created by the combination of various processes as the foregoing describes.



What is the spherulitic Rhyolite(flowerstone)?
Rocks at this location have concentric circle patterns or patterns that are formed by color alternations of dark and white or straight line segments coming form the center of circle depending on the mineral arrangement. In theis manner, a spherulitic texture is formed from particles in rock. The rocks with clear spherulitic textures are called Spherulites.
Especially, we can see various spherulitic textures in the rhyolite in Cheongsong, so it is called a sperulitic rhyolite.
Rhyolite: a fine-grained igneous rock created while the magma cools down in a short tome, comsisting of lot of silica

Korean Flowerstone

Blue Chrysanthemum

Blue Chrysanthemum  40x80x11cm

Blue Chrysanthemum Stone

Blue Chrysanthemum Stone 45x37x10cm

Blue Chrysanthemum Stone

Blue Chrysanthemum Stone 49x22x7cm

Blue Chrysanthemum Stone

Blue Chrysanthemum Stone 48x78x19cm

Cane Peony Stone

Cane Peony Stone 44x48x15cm

Carnation Stone

Carnation Stone 48x59x13cm

Color Peony Stone

Color Peony Stone 32x18x7cm

Roses Stone

Roses Stone 59x28x13cm

sun flower stone

sun flower stone 28.5x16x6cm

White Chrysanthemum stone

White Chrysanthemum stone 20x28x10cm

White Peony Stone

White Peony Stone 41x54x12cm

White Peony Stone

White Peony Stone 52x50x11cm

White Rose Stone

White Rose Stone 37x29x12cm

The Korean flower stone, the worldwide treasure that is  called as the “crystal of beauty created by God”!
The Korean flower stone contains the oldest ancient artistic  value in the world that was in the underground of the  Korean soil already from the Mesozoic Era!
We, &, are making  endeavors to publicize and disperse the true value of the everlasting mysterious Korean flower stones to all over the world.

The flower stone lodes that have been licensed for mining already for this mystique Korean flower stone are almost done with the mining that are in the deleted condition. From the existing Korean flower stones already processed for a work product, there are approximately 500 pieces that may be recognized as the outstanding value for their flower pattern and size. Also, some part of southern area where there may have some more of flower stone vein is prohibited for new exploitation permit so that the resource for making a fine work product is limited to the small volume of ore that is already exploited. Furthermore, since the fine ore are already produced in fine work product, it is very difficult to expect outstanding artistic works from the remaining ore.

Therefore, we,, are having this opportunity to disperse these very valuable global treasures to many countries. At the same time, we want to provide this opportunity to enjoy these rare and precious things to many people, non-collectors, through the regular exhibitions where many collectors can exhibit them.
These efforts are made so that the true value of Korean flower stone may be spread out throughout the entire world.

Chinese keyword

液晶显示器 (yejingxianshiqi) 액정모니터/
台式机内存 (taishijineicun) 데스크탑메모리램
笔记本内存 (bijibenneicun) 노트북메모리램/
台式机硬盘 (taishijiyingpan) 데스크탑 하드디스크/
主板 (zhuban) 메인보드
笔记本硬盘 (bijibenyingpan) 노트북 하드디스크/
显卡 (xianka) 비디오카드
无线鼠标 (wuxianshubiao) 무선마우스/
有线鼠标 (youxianshubiao) 유선마우스

文胸(wenxiong) 브래이지어/
女士内裤(nushineiku) 여성용팬티
女士睡衣/家居服(nushishuiyi/jiajufu) 여성잠옷/생활편의복
女袜(nuwa) 여성 양말/
男士专区(nanshizhuanqu) 남성내의/
美体塑身(meitisushen) 여성내의

童装(tongzhuang) 아동복/
童鞋/婴儿鞋(tongxie/yingerxie) 아동화/유아신발
连身衣/爬服/哈衣(lianshenyi/pafu/hayi) 베넷저고리(유아용의류)
礼盒(lihe) 유아용선물세트
儿童配饰/发饰(ertongpeishi/fashi) 아동악세서리/헤어악세서리
帽子/袜子/围巾/手套(maozi/wazi/weijin/shoutao) 모자/양말/목도리/장갑
睡袋/抱被/床品(shuidai/baobei/chuangpin) 침낭/포대기/침구(유아용침구)
围嘴/围兜/罩衣/袖套(weizhui/weidou/zhaoyi/choutao) 턱받이/턱받이/솜옷/덧옷/토시

Nikon/尼康 (nikang) 니콘/
Canon/佳能 (jianeng) 캐논
Fujifilm/ 富士 (fushi) 후지필름/
Pentex/宾得 (binde) 펜탁스
Sigma/适马 (shima) 시그마/
Samsung/ 三星 (sanxing) 삼성
Olympus/奥林巴斯 (oulinbasi) 올림푸스/
Epson/爱普生 (nikang) 엡손
Konica Minolta/柯尼卡美能达 (kenika meinengda) 코니카 미놀타
Panasonic/松下 (nikang) 파나소닉 /
Mamiya玛米亚 (nikang) 마미야

坐垫/座套/脚垫/箱垫 (zuodian/zuotao/jiaodian/houbeixiangdian) 시트/시트커버/발판매트/트렁크매트
GPS导航 (GPS daohang) GPS 네비게이션/
DVD/导航 (DVD/daohang) DVD/ 네비게이션
车贴/贴膜/车标 (chetie/tiemo/chebiao) 차량용스티커/코팅제/차량마크
充电器/配件 (chongdianqi/peijian) 충전기/부품
汽车香水/净化/降温剂 (qichexiangshui/jinghua/jiangwenji) 차량용향수/정화/온도내려주는약
汽车用品/内饰 (qicheyongpin/neishi) 차동차용품/ 인테리어
汽车装潢外饰/加装 (qichezhuanghengwaishi/jiazhuang) 차량용 외장 악세서리/튜닝
车身配件 (cheshenpeijian) 바디부품/
汽车内部配件 (qicheneibupeijian) 차량내부부품
汽车清洗/美容/漆/车蜡 (qicheqingxi/meirong/qi/chela) 차량세차용품/미용/페인트/왁스

奥迪 (aodi) 아우디/
宝马 (baoma) BMW/
奔驰 (benchi) 벤츠/
本田 (bentian) 혼다
别克 (bieke) 뷰익/
标致 (biaozhi) 뿌조/
雪铁龙 (xuetielong) 시트로엥
丰田 (fengtian) 도요다/
福特 (fute)포드/
雷克萨斯 (leikesasi) 렉서스
铃木 (lingmu) 스즈끼/
马自达 (mazida) 마즈다/
起亚 (qiya) 기아
日产 (richan)닛산/
荣威 (rongwei) 로위/
三菱 (sanling) 미쯔비시/
斯巴鲁 (sibaru) 수바루
斯柯达 (sikeda) 스코다/
现代 (xiandai) 현대/
雪佛兰 (xuefulan) 쉐브로레(시보레)

办公设备 (bangongshebei) 사무설비
打印机 (dayinji) 프린터/
传真机 (chuanzhenji) 팩스/
电子白板 (dianzibaiban) 전자칠판
扫描仪 (saomiaoyi) 스캐너/
考勤设备 (kaoqin) 출근부기계/
复印机 (fuyinji) 복사기
碎纸机 (suizhiji) 문서절단기/
通信设备 (tongxinshebei) 통신설비/
一体机 (yitiji) 복합기

行业专用设备 업소용 설비
点钞机 (dianchaoji) 지폐계수기/
验钞机 (yanchaoji) 위폐계수기/
收银机 (shouyinji) 수금기/
标签机 (biaoqianji) 라벨기
条码扫描 (tiaomasaomiao) 바코드스캔/
切纸机 (qiezhiji) 종이절단기
塑封机 (sufengji) 밀봉기/
数据采集器 (shujucaijiqi) 수치채집기
装订机 (zhuangdingji) 장정기/
保险箱 (baoxianxiang) 금고

办公耗材 사무 소모품
墨盒 (mohe) 잉크통/
硒鼓 (xigu) 카트리지/
色带 (sedai) 타자용리본
墨水 (moshui) 잉크/
办公用纸 (bngongyongzhi) 사무용지
刻录盘 (kelupan) CD-R,CD-RW/
耗材 (haocai) 소모품

投影及其配件 영사기와 부품
投影机 (touyingji) 영사기/
幕布 (mobu) 막(스크린)/
灯泡 (dengpao) 등
吊架 (diaojia) 고리(지지대)/
遥控器 (yaokongqi) 리모컨/
三角架 (sanjiaojia) 삼각대

家具 가구

住宅家具 (zhuzhaijiaju)주택가구
沙发 (shafa) 소파/
柜子 (guizi) 옷장/
床 (chuang) 침대/
床垫 (chuangdian) 메트리스
桌子 (zuozi) 탁자/
架子/箱子 (jiazi/xiangzi)수납/장식장 /
茶几 (chaji) 커피테이블
充气家具 (chongqijiaju) 에어퍼니쳐/
案/台 (an/tai) 탁자
椅子/凳子/榻 (yizi/dengzi/ta) 의자/걸상/
小型简易家具 (xiaoxingjianyijiaju) 소형DIY 가구

办公家具 ((bangongjiaju) 사무가구
更衣柜 (bianyigui) 탈의실옷장/
接待台 (jiedaitai) 접대 테이블/
办公桌 (bangongzuo) 사무책상/
办公椅 (bangongyi) 사무의자
报刊架 (baokanjia) 가판대/
钥匙箱 (yaoshixiang) 열쇠박스(키박스)
会客沙发/茶几 (huikehsafa/chaji) 사무쇼파/커피테이블
文件柜/档案柜 (wenjiangui/dangangui) 문서책장
屏风隔断 (pinfenggeduan) 파티션

商业家具 (shangyejiaju) 상업가구
货架 (huojia) 창고진열대(앵글)/
展柜 (zhangui) 상품진열대/
推车 (tuiche) 카트(캐리어)
收银台 (shouyintai) 캐셔테이블/
广告牌 (guanggaopai) 광고판
灯箱 (dengxiang) 광고박스/
餐车 (chanche) 식당용카트(캐리어)

酒店家具 (jiudianjiaju) 호텔가구
酒店桌椅 (jiudianzuoyi) 호텔테이블의자/
酒店沙发 (jiudianshafa) 호텔소파
酒店茶几 (jiudianchaji) 호텔커피테이블/
酒店成套家具 (jiudianchengtaojiaju) 호텔가구세트
单间/套房床 (danjian/taofangchuang) 일인용, 스위트룸 침대/
棋桌 (qizuo) 마작,포커테이블
酒店梳妆台 (jiudianshuzhuangtai) 호텔화장대/
标间床 (biaojianchaung) 스탠다드룸 침대
酒店床头柜 (jiudianchuangtougui) 호텔침대머리/
酒店电视柜 (jiudiandianshigui)호텔TV다이
酒店行李柜 (jiudianxingligui) 호텔여행용가방다이

宜家IKEA 이케아
床 (chuang) 침대/
衣柜 (yigui) 옷장/
床垫 (chuangdian) 메트리스/
书柜 (shugui) 책장
藤椅 (tengyi) 등나무의자, 등의자/
鞋柜 (xiegui)신발장/
餐桌 (chanzuo) 식탁
餐椅 (chanyi) 식탁의자/
沙发床 (shafachuang) 소파침대/
电视柜 (dianshigui) TV 다이
抽屉柜 (choutigui) 서랍장/
梳妆台 (shuzhuangtai) 화장대/
文件柜 (wenjiangui) 서류함
办公桌 (bangongzuo) 사무책상/
工作椅 (gongzuoyi) 사무의자
/沙发套 (shafatao) 소파커버
连壁搁板 (lianbigeban) DIY벽선반/
搁架单元 (gejiadanyuan) DIY벽선반
咖啡桌/边桌 (kafeizuo/bianzuo) 커피테이블/사이드테이블/
橱柜/餐具柜 (chugui/ chanjugui)) 찬장/식기장 /
鞋架 (xiejia) 신발장
衣帽架 (yimaojia) 옷,모자걸이/
皮沙发 (pishafa) 가죽소파
扶手椅 (fushouyi) 암체어/
布艺沙发 (buyishafa) 패브릭소파

家纺 침구

床上用品 (chuangshangyongpin) 침대용품/
四件套 (sijiantao) 4세트(벼개/이불/보/시트)
床品套件 (chuanpintaojian) 침대용품 세트/
单人套件 (danrentaojian) 1인용세트
蚕丝被 (cansibei) 실크이불/
羽绒被 (yurongbei) 오리털이불
棉被/秋冬被 (mianbei/qiudongbei) 솜이불/추동이불/
床单 (chuangdan) 침대보
双人冬被 (shuangrendongbei) 2인용겨울이불/
被套 (beitao) 이불보
枕芯/保健枕 (zhenxin/baojianzhen) 베게속/건강베게/
枕套 (zhentao) 베게보
床垫/床褥 (chuangdian/chuangru) 메트리스/ 침대매트/
门帘 (menlian) 문발(차양/커튼)
毛毯/绒毯/线毯 (maotan/rongtan/xiantan) 담요/융담요/모포,깔개
装饰布艺 (zhuangshibuyi) 장식용 천제품/
防尘罩 (fangchenzhao) 먼지덮개
靠枕/抱枕/坐垫 (kaozhen/baozhen/zuodian) 쿠션/안고자는베게/방석
桌布/桌旗 (zuobu/zuoqi) 식탁보/시탁러너/
窗帘 (chuanglian) 커튼
沙发套/沙发巾 (shafatao/shafabu) 소파커버/소파천/
地毯 (ditan) 카페트/ 地垫 (didian) 돗자리/
毛巾 (maojin) 수건/ 浴袍 (yupao) 욕실옷
厨卫纺织品 (chuweifangzhipin) 주방,화장실 방직물/
浴巾 (yujin) 목욕타월
围裙/袖套 (weiqun/xiutao) 앞치마/토시/
拖鞋/居家鞋 (tuoxie/jujiaxie) 슬리퍼/신내화

风格 (fengge) 스타일
田园风格 (tianyuanfengge) 전원스타일/
地中海风格 (dizhonghaifengge) 지중해스타일
现代风格 (xiandaifengge) 현대스타일/
卡通风格 (katongfengge) 캐릭터스타일

休闲保健运动 (xiuxianbaojianyundong) 레져 보건 운동

瑜伽垫 (yujiadian) 요가매트/
瑜伽球 (yujiaqiu) 다이어트짐볼/
肚皮舞 (dupiwu) 벨리댄스
瑜伽服套装 (yujiafutaozhuang) 요가복/
拉丁 (lading) 라틴댄스/
比基尼 (bijini) 비키니
跳舞毯 (tiaowutan) DDR댄스매트/
分体 (fenti) 분체수영복/
泳裤 (yongku) 수영팬티
泳镜 (yongjing) 수경/
跆拳道 (taiquandao)태권도 /
拳击 (quanji) 권투/太极 (taiji) 태극권
双截棍 (shuangjiegun) 쌍절곤/
桌上足球 (zhuoshangzuqiu) 테이블사커/
毽子 (jianzi) 제기
风筝 (fengzheng) 연/
飞镖盘 (feibiaoban) 다트/
陀螺 (tuoluo) 팽이/
围棋 (weiqi) 바둑
慢跑 (manpao) 걷기운동/
象棋 (xiangqi) 장기/
麻将 (majiang) 마작
球类运动 구기운동
足球 (zuqiu) 축구/
足球服(zuqiufu) 축구복/
足球鞋 (zuqiuxie) 축구화/
球袜 (qiuwa) 축구양말
篮球 (lanqiu) 농구/
篮球服 (lanqiufu) 농구복/
篮球鞋 (lanqiuxie) 농구화/
手套 (shoutao)장갑
球框 (qiukuang) 농구대/
皮头 (pitou) 당구큐대끝에붙이는가죽/
台球杆 (taiqiugan) 당구큐대/
杆筒 (gantong) 큐대가방/
冰球 (bingqiu) 아이스하키/
冰刀鞋 (bingdaoxie) 아이스하키화
速滑鞋 (suhuaxie) 스케이트화/
眼镜 (yanjing) 안경/
排球 (paiqiu) 배구/
排球服 (paiqiufu) 배구복/
棒球服 (bangqiufu) 야구복/
棒球 (bangqiu)야구
橄榄球 (ganlanqiu) 럭비, 미식축구/
保龄球 (baolingqiu) 볼링

拍类运动 라켓운동
羽毛球 (yumaoqiu) 배드민턴/
羽拍 (yupai) 배드민턴라켓/
手胶 (shoujiao) 손잡이테이프
羽球服 (yuqiufu) 배드미턴복/
乒乓球 (pingpangqiu) 탁구/
套胶 (taojiao) 탁구라켓고무
球服 (qiufu) 운동복/
成品拍 (chengpinpai) 탁구라켓/
网球拍 (wangqiupai) 테니스라켓
网球 (wangqiu) 테니스/
球包 (qiubao) 테니스가방/
网球鞋 (wangqiuxie) 테니스화
壁球拍 (biqiupai) 스쿼시라켓/
壁球 (biqiu) 스쿼시/
配件 (peijian) 스쿼시악세서리
壁球鞋 (biqiuxie) 스쿼시화

健身器械运动 헬스 운동 기구
踏步机 (tabuji) 스텝퍼/
仰卧板 (yangwoban) 윗몸일으키기/
哑铃 (yaling) 아령
跳绳 (tiaosheng) 줄넘기 /
拉力器 (laliqi) 스트레칭기/
杠铃 (gangling) 바벨
美腰机 (meiyaoji) 허리운동기계 AB ROCKET/
负重 (fuzhong) 무게주머니
家用跑步机 (jiayongpaobuji) 가정용러닝머신
举重 (juzhong) 역기/
健身车 (jianshenche) 바이크머신/
椭圆机 (tuoyanji) 일립티컬
跳跳床 (tiaotiaochuang) 트렘폴리/
护手掌 (hushouzhang) 손바닥보호대
护脚踝 (hujiaohuai) 발보호대 /
护膝 (huxi) 무릅보호대/
护腕 (huwan) 손목보호대
护手肘 (hushouzhou) 팔꿈치보호대/
护腰 (huyao) 허리보호대/
护指 (huzhi) 손가락보호대

骑行/极限运动 자전기 익스트림 스포츠
山地 (shandi) 산악자전거/
公路 (gonglu) 도로자전거/
折叠 (zhedie) 접이식자전거
手套 (shoutao) 장갑/
风镜 (fengjing) 고글/
骑行服 (qixingfu) 자전거복
车架 (chejia) 자전거바디/
坐垫 (zuodian) 안장/
刹车 (shache) 브레이크
变速器 (biansuqi) 변속기/
车锁 (chesuo) 자물쇠/
车灯 (chedeng) 자전거라이트
工具箱 (gongjuxiang) 공구박스/
气门芯 (qimenxin) 자전거휠라이트
滑板 (huaban) 스케이트보드/
直排轮 (zhipailun) 인라인스케이트
活力板 (huoliban) S보드/
板鞋 (banxie) 보드화/
飞盘 (feiban)원반던지기/
滑板车 (huabanche) 킥보드
漂移板 (piaoyiban) 엑슬라이더/
护具 (huju) 보호장구

户外鞋服包 레져용의류 신발 가방
冲锋衣 (chongfengyi) 등산상의/
冲锋裤 (chongfengku) 등산바지/
抓绒 (zhuarong) 기모의류
内衣 (neiyi) 내의/
羽绒服 (yurongfu) 오리털/
滑雪服 (huaxuefu) 스키복/
恤衫 (xushan) 셔츠
风衣 (fengyi) 바람막이/
迷彩服 (micaifu) 얼룩무의옷/
伪装服 (weizhuangfu) 위장복
头巾 (toujin) 두건/
手套(shoutao) 장갑/
登山包 (dengshanbao) 등산베낭
旅行包 (luxingbao) 여행가방/
腰包 (yaobao) 허리가방/
卡包 (kabao) 카드지갑
洗漱包 (xishubao) 화장가방/
急救包 (jijiubao) 응급키트/
雨罩 (yuzhao) 방수커버
冰包 (bingbao) 아이스쿨러/
登山鞋 (dengshanxie) 등산화/
徒步鞋 (tubuxie) 산보화
跑鞋 (paoxie) 조깅화/
雪靴 (xuexue) 방한부츠

野营/旅行 装备 야영/여행장비
帐篷 (zhangfeng) 텐트/
睡袋 (shuidai) 침낭/
防潮垫 (fangchaodian) 방습매트
登山杖 (dengshanzhang) 등산스틱/
手电 (shoudian) 후래쉬/
头灯 (toudeng) 해드램프
营地灯 (yingdideng) 야영등/
信号灯 (xinhaodeng) 이머전시라이트/
水壶 (shuihu) 물병
水桶 (shuitong)물통/
净水器 (jingshuiqi)정수기/
沐浴袋 (muyudai) 캠프샤워/
刀具 (daoju) 칼
工具 (gongju) 공구/
工兵铲 (gongbingchan) 공병삽/
望远镜 (wangyuanjing) 망원경
通讯 (tongxun) 통신,무전기/
手表 (shoubiao) 시계/
指南针 (zhinanzhen) 나침반
导航仪(daohangyi) GPS/
炊具 (chuiju) 취사도구/
洗漱包(xishubao) 화장가방 /
救生包 (jiushengbao) 응급키트/
地图 (ditu) 지도/
旅行便携 (luxingbianjie) 휴대용여행용품

垂钓装备 낚시장비
钓竿(diaogan) 낚시대/
鱼线轮 (yuxianlun) 릴/
路亚区 (luyaqu) 루어/
鱼钩 (yugou) 낚시바늘
鱼线 (yuxian) 낚시줄/
渔具包 (yujubao) 낚시도구가방/
钓鱼服 (diaoyufu) 낚시복
鱼饵(yuer) 미끼/
浮漂(fupiao) 찌/
钓鱼伞 (diaoyusan) 낚시우산
船艇 (chuanting) 고무보드/
钓台 (diaotai) 낚시다이/
钓鱼鞋 (diaoyuxie) 낚시신발
望远镜 (wangyuanjing) 망원경/
钓箱 (diaoxiang) 낚시아이스박스/
椅凳 (yideng) 낚시의자
钓鱼灯 (diaoyudeng) 낚시등/
探鱼器 (tanyuqi) 피쉬파인더, 어신감지기/
鱼护 (yuhu) 어망
支架 (zhijia) 낚시대걸이/
抄网 (chaowang) 낚시뜰채/
钓鱼桶 (diaoyutong) 낚시물통
小配件 (xiaopeijiang) 낚시악세서리

其它户外运动装备 기타야외운동장비
滑雪板 (huaxueban) 스노보드/
雪杖 (xuezhang) 스키스틱/
护具 (huju) 보호장비
滑雪服 (huaxuefu) 스키복/
攀岩鞋 (panyanxie) 암벽신발/
绳索 (shengsuo) 밧줄
冰爪 (bingzhua) 아이젠/
安全带 (anquandai) 안전대/
皮划艇 (pihuating) 고무보트
脚蹼 (jiaopu) 오리발/
冲浪板(chonglangban) 서핑보드/
潜水服 (qianshuifu) 잠수복
风筝 (fengzheng) 연/
面镜 (mianjing) 수경/
呼吸器 (huxiqi) 호흡기


坐便器(zuobianqi) 좌변기/
蹲便器(dunbianqi) 간이변기/
地漏(dilou) 하수구마개
面盆/洗脸盆(mianpen/xilianpen) 세면대/
水龙头(shuilongtou) 수도꼭지/
浴霸 (yuba) 히터淋浴花洒(liyuhuasa) 샤워기/
淋浴房(linyufang) 샤워부스/
热水器(reshuiqi) 온수기浴缸(yugang) /
卫浴五金(weiyuwujin) 욕실/욕조용품
全套卫浴/卫浴组合(qutaoweiyu/weiyuzuhe) 욕실세트


BB霜 (BBshuang) 비비크림/
香水 (xiangshui) 향수/
粉饼 (fenbing) 팬케잌(파운데이션)
化妆/美容工具 (huazhuang/meironggongju) 화장/미용도구/
遮瑕 (zhexia) 컨실러
指甲油/美甲产品 (zhijiayou/meijiachanpin) 매니큐어/네일아트제품
隔离/妆前/打底 (geli/zhuangqian/dadi) 기초화장품/
眼影 (yanying) 아이섀도
粉底液/膏 (fendiye/gao) 파운데이션/
眼线 (yanxian) 아이라인
睫毛膏/睫毛增长液 (jiemaogao/jiemaozengzhangye) 마스카라


女装 (Nuzhuang)여성복/
男装 (nanzhuang)남성복
女士内衣/男士内衣/家居服 (nushineiyi/nanshineiyi/jiajufu)남녀내의/생활편의복
男女流行配件/围巾/帽子/皮带 (nannuliuxingpeijian/weijin/maozi/pidai) 스카프/모피/모자
男鞋/皮鞋/休闲鞋 (nanxie/pixie/xiuxianxie)남성가죽/피혁/편의화
运动鞋/跑步鞋/篮球鞋 (yundongxie/paobuxie/lanqiuxie)운동화/산보화/경기화
运动服/T恤/短裤/套装 (yundongfu/T xue/duanku/taozhuang)운동복
运动包 (yundongbao)스포츠가방/운동가방


手表 (shoubiao)/시계
饰品 (shipin)장신구액세사리/
项链 (xianglian)목걸이
手链 (shoulian)팔찌/
戒指 (jiezhi)반지 /
发饰 (fashi)머리핀/악세사리/
胸针 (xiongzhen)브로찌/
情侣对 (qingludui)커플링/제품
套装 (taozhuang)세트상품/
纯银 (chunyin)순은제품/
民族 (minzu)민속품
天然水晶 (tianranshuijing)천연수정/
合金 (hejin)합금제품/
锆石 (gaoshi) 지르코늄
钛钢 (taigang) 티나늄/
眼镜 (yanjing)안경제품
太阳眼镜 (taiyangyanjing)썬글라스/
眼镜架 (yanjingjia)안경테
装饰眼镜 (zhuangshiyanjing)안경장식/
眼镜配件 yanjingpeijian)안경부품
zippo/瑞士军刀/烟具 (zippo/ruishijundao/yanju)지포/군용칼/담배케이스

游戏掌机(youxizhangji) 휴대용게임기/
家用游戏机(jiayongyouxiji) 가정용게임기
游戏软件(youxiruanjian) 게임씨디/
游戏手柄(youxishoubing) 게임조정기
PSP专用配件(PSP zhuanyongpeijian) PSP전용악세서리
WII专用配件/周边(WII zhuanyongpeijian/zhoubian) WII전용악세서리
PS2/PS3专用配件(PS2/PS3 zhuanyongpeijian) PS2/PS3전용악세서리
NDSI/NDSL专用配件 (NDSI/NDSL zhuanyongpeijian) NDSI/NDS전용악세서리
XBOX专用配件(XBOX zhuanyongpeijian) XBOX전용악세서리
世嘉 DC/MD/SS/SEGA 专用配件(shijia DC/MD/SS/SEGA zhuanyongpeijian) DC/MD/SS/SEGA 전용악세서리 /
任天堂掌机配件(rentiantangzhangjipeijian) 닌텐도 전용악세서리

成人用品/성인 용품

情侣情趣 (qingluqingqu)성인용품 /
女用器具 (nuyongqiju) 여성용기구/
安全套 (anquantao)콘돔 /
情趣套装/睡衣 (qingqutaozhuang/shuiyi) /성인복장/의류
男用器具 (nanyongqiju)남성용기구 /
情趣家具 (qingqujiaju)성인가구
情趣内衣 (qingquneiyi)성인내의 /
情趣丝袜/配饰 (qingqusiwa/peishi)스타킹/란제리
计生用品 (jishengyongpin)