Korean Flowerstone

Blue Chrysanthemum

Blue Chrysanthemum  40x80x11cm

Blue Chrysanthemum Stone

Blue Chrysanthemum Stone 45x37x10cm

Blue Chrysanthemum Stone

Blue Chrysanthemum Stone 49x22x7cm

Blue Chrysanthemum Stone

Blue Chrysanthemum Stone 48x78x19cm

Cane Peony Stone

Cane Peony Stone 44x48x15cm

Carnation Stone

Carnation Stone 48x59x13cm

Color Peony Stone

Color Peony Stone 32x18x7cm

Roses Stone

Roses Stone 59x28x13cm

sun flower stone

sun flower stone 28.5x16x6cm

White Chrysanthemum stone

White Chrysanthemum stone 20x28x10cm

White Peony Stone

White Peony Stone 41x54x12cm

White Peony Stone

White Peony Stone 52x50x11cm

White Rose Stone

White Rose Stone 37x29x12cm

The Korean flower stone, the worldwide treasure that is  called as the “crystal of beauty created by God”!
The Korean flower stone contains the oldest ancient artistic  value in the world that was in the underground of the  Korean soil already from the Mesozoic Era!
We, FlowerStone.co.kr & suseok.kr, are making  endeavors to publicize and disperse the true value of the everlasting mysterious Korean flower stones to all over the world.

The flower stone lodes that have been licensed for mining already for this mystique Korean flower stone are almost done with the mining that are in the deleted condition. From the existing Korean flower stones already processed for a work product, there are approximately 500 pieces that may be recognized as the outstanding value for their flower pattern and size. Also, some part of southern area where there may have some more of flower stone vein is prohibited for new exploitation permit so that the resource for making a fine work product is limited to the small volume of ore that is already exploited. Furthermore, since the fine ore are already produced in fine work product, it is very difficult to expect outstanding artistic works from the remaining ore.

Therefore, we, suseok.kr, are having this opportunity to disperse these very valuable global treasures to many countries. At the same time, we want to provide this opportunity to enjoy these rare and precious things to many people, non-collectors, through the regular exhibitions where many collectors can exhibit them.
These efforts are made so that the true value of Korean flower stone may be spread out throughout the entire world.